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I received an e-mail from Bob on 27 July '09;


..Any way of getting around sending direct messages to non-followers?
I do vba ..

You can't send direct messages to users who are not following you. Not on Twitter, not with the Twitter API, at least as far as I know about... What you can do is some of the features you can do from the Twitter box on the Twitter website, by including the appropriate command you use on Twitter in the script line where you compose your message. So what you can do is sending a reply by using the @-sign + the user name + the message. So on the line you just enter a message like this:

strMessage = "@username Testing Twitter script found etc..

Sure you can wrap it up in a more complex and sophisticated script. You can use "@username + message" to send a reply or use "D username + message" to send a direct message (but only for people following). I must say that I remember there are some bugs in Twitter and not everything is working fine at the moment, so I could be wrong and there can be more features from Twitter you can use from this script. Anyway replying and status updates work fine, you might try some of the code at this Twitter Support page.

I received an e-mail from Lei on 26 July '09;

..How can I get the XML more readable ..

Lei, I have got a subroutine for you which I use frequently.

I received an e-mail from Matt on the 17th of August 2009;


..I am in a network and need specific settings, how can I get arround this? ..
That depends on the XMLHTTP version which is installed on your computer. You can try the following;
  • Determine which version of XMLHTTP is installed on your computer with this script.
  • Change the version in the script to the highest version like this: CreateObject("MSXML2.ServerXMLHTTP.6.0")
  • Still not working? Try to add the some settings to your script. How to do this you can find on these pages:
    msdn link 1
    msdn link 2
Hope it helps for you. But network administrators can be smart guys...