Social Bookmarking; Twitter from VbScript

Catch up with the socialbookmarking trend. These tutorials provide free VbScripts and a HTA scripts to use the Twitter API to Twitter, or Tweet.., from your desktop or your server, with your application or website!

Twitter script introduction

These tutotials show how to Twitter, send Tweets, update your status and list your followers from a script (VbScript and HTA).

Update friends or enjoy your marketing bennefits with social bookmarks

You can use these scripts for updating your followers, friends, social network or your clients about your products, your website updates, or as a desktop script to Tweet, without opening your Twitter account. Don't let your boss see you Twitter all the time, as an easy way of keeping your friends up to date, or stay connected with your professional or marketing network... Social bookmarking is a hot marketing trends and ideal to connect with friends and clients.

Keep your clients, friends and your social network updated with VbScript´s XMLHTTP

Twitter provides various API options (read the API reference on Twitter support site). It is common for social bookmarking networks to encourage developers to come up with an integration of their applications with social bookmarking profiles. Using the xmlhttp object from VbScript, you can update your Twitter status and send out Tweets to your friends, clients or Followers. This tutorial describes a basic scripts to create tools for updating social bookmarking or profile sites to maintain your status with friends or clients. Learn how to use and develop VbScript tools to update your Twitter status - to Tweet -, to post messages on your Twitter account or list your Followers. It is easier then you think!