GAM Manual - Screen position

Getting started

Screen position

GAM remembers the screen position where it was on your desktop when you close it. So, just move around GAM and the next time you start it, you will find it more or less at the same spot on your screen.

GAM on next startup remains at the position where it was previously closed
On the next startup GAM will show up at the position where it was previously closed.

GAM in the bottom right corner
So when GAM is in the bottom right corner, it will be there the next time you start GAM

GAM in the upper left corner
And when GAM is moved to the left upper corner, it will be there, at that position the next time GAM is stated up.

How does this work?
When you close GAM (at the normal way, not when it crashes or so..) the application reads out the current screen position and stores these values in the settings INI file. The next time you open it, it reads out these values from the INI file and moves to that position.

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