GAM Manual - Getting started

Getting started

Step 1 - Download and unzip the files

After you have downloaded the zip file, unzip it to any location on your computer.

Step 2 - Open

In the unzipped folder you will see the following;
GAM ZIP contents

  • There is a folder in it which contains the background and some other images
  • Two handy links to the GAM manual are provided and
  • you see the "GAM.hta" file

Step 3 - Start

Double click "GAM.hta" to start GAM. You will see that GAM is telling you that is misses your login information for AdSense.
Update GAM Settings

Step 4 - Enter your credentials

In the top menu click on the "settings" option and provide the exact login information as you use when you login to te Google AdSense website.
Update GAM Settings Enter your credentials

Step 5 - Save setting

Hit the button "Save" and your settings will be saved
Save settings

Step 6 - Final

Now GAM is ready to check your AdSense earnings. You see it hasn't checked yet what you earned today. This app checks every on given intervals. In the screen you can see when it will check the next time.

Next check

It will check your earnings on given intervals as long as the app is on your desktop. Your login information settings are saved in a separte file.

Step 6 - Every day usage

The next time you open GAM it knows how to log in and will start checking immediately. To start GAM the next time you need it, just double click GAM.hta and it will do the checking for you.

Step 7 - Final

Thats it. But hey, there is more fun stuf. Be sure to check the rest of the manual. At the point you are know you still have to wait for about 20 minutes before the tools performs his first check. You can check immediately if you like and there is more configuration which can be done to make it even more convenient! Read on...

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