Monitor your AdSense earnings

Monitor your AdSense earnings with this free download.

Introduction to the Google AdSense monitoring tool

GAM Interface Want to be informed every time someone clicks on your AdSense banner(s) so you made some money from your website traffic? You probably log in to the Google AdSense backend several times a day to check what you made today and it almost gets obessive. I had the samed and there is a name for it; G.A.S. (Google AdSense Syndrome). So I created this little app which does exactly that and called it GAM (Google AdSense Monitor). It checks every given interval if your income increases and it will notify you when this happens. All you see is a very small interface on your desktop displaying your actual earnings of today.


What it does

This tool logs in to your Google AdSense account, reads out your todays earnings and presents it to you in a small box on your desktop. When your total day income increases it can ring a bell so you can be notified when you made some advertising income.


The tool is written in VbScript and uses all the advantages provided by Microsofts HTA model. The tool is to big to be displayd as a tuturial so I wrapped it up as a zip file so you can easily download it and use it right out of the box or start experimenting with it. Beacause the script is a little bit bigger then you are used form me and uses some extra files and images it is hard to explain everything on some webpages. This time I decided to make some sort of manual which explains all the functions. Also usefull for those not familiar with scripting, but wanting to use this app as it is intented. You are free to do! In the manual I explain what it can do and also I provide some information how it is done.


About Google AdSense

The AdSense programm is a great advertising solution provided by Google. You can place some advertisements on your website with a minimum of knowledge. Google also provides a great and easy to understand backend for all the needed configuration and payout options. You can also login to the backend and see an almost realtime status report on your earnings. So what happens, you login several times a day, because it is really addictive to see if you made some revenues.

If you have a website you probably have one of these banners on your site (or one of the other variations on this website);

These advertisings/banners are from Google AdSense . When someone clicks on it and visits the site, you earn some money.

The manual and usage information

Obvious this tool is educational and uses some interesting techniques in VbScript and HTA. It shows how you can manipulate information and gives you a nice idea about creating a user interface. All done with tools and components already installed on your computer. But please be aware; the script creates a small INI file on your computer containing your Google AdSense login credentials. This file is not protected and can be read by any individual or hacker on your computer. Please be aware of this, espescially when using this script on a public computer. Make sure to use this in a safe computer environment. Using this script is on your own risk, no liability here! Read the manual for all the information;